New Builds

Strong and stable homes help build strong and stable communities!

Houses built from scratch on an empty lot.  In partnership with a qualifying family, we build a new, affordable home.  Qualifying families are required to invest sweat equity and pay for the cost of materials and land.  Since being founded, MAHFH has built 17 homes and has celebrated the dream of home ownership with 20 families. New Builds are started on an as needed basis as families qualify.  Calendars with specific information on how and when the build is progressing are added as available.

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Homes purchased by Marshfield Habitat for Humanity and completely remodeled from stem to stern.  Typically this would include major renovations including removing old wall coverings, re-insulating, re-wiring, and re-plumbing to bring everything up to local code requirements.

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Critical Home Repair

MAHFH has also completed several smaller projects to make existing homes more livable.  Apply for needed repair to an existing home through the Habitat office at 715-384-7533.  Habitat Critical Home Repair (CHR) provides urgent, major repairs at a discounted rate to keep homeowners safe and warm, and from being displaced from their homes.  In addition, our work helps preserve Marshfield's affordable housing stock. CHR addresses health and safety concerns in several areas of the home.  Marshfield Area Habitat for Humanity coordinates repairs and modifications for seniors, those with disability or low income circumstances.

Critical Home Repair addresses health and safety concerns in several areas of the home. They include, but are not limited to:

Unsafe roofing or flooring

Lack of heat

Electrical hazards

Plumbing hazards

Handicap access

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